Tropical Rain Forests of Maui

Maui Hawaii Tourist Information and Vacation Guide

Visitors to Maui Hawaii can enjoy some beautiful tropical forests and vegetation on the island.

Although much of Maui has been developed or converted into agricultural land, untouched areas still remain.

The winding road to Hana for example, is very pretty. Make sure to stop at the viewpoints along the highway and enjoy some short hikes into the forest.

Hawaiian Forest
Tropical Forest on Maui Hawaii

At the Kipahulu Reserve south of Hanna Maui, there are several beautiful waterfalls, including the Wailua Falls (featured in the Jurassic Park movie).

Another area of Maui Hawaii with spectacular tropical scenery is the Iao Valley in the centre of the island.  Tourists can visit ancient Hawaiian temples and enjoy some pleasant hikes in the forest.

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